Week 41. Chords Galore

Well, that was a week and a half! 143 chord voicings for C Ionian and D Dorian related chords have been diagramed, sorted and saved on my computer.

At first I wanted to learn all the shapes by heart but on the 3rd day realized that it’s pretty much impossible, so I decided to create my own chord library instead.

Next week – Phrygian and Lydian modes. I’ll definitely have some work to do. See you then!

The goals for this week were:

  • [Done] Repeat C Ionian Chords
  • [Done] Learn D Dorian Chords

My goals for the next week:

  • Figure out E Phrygian Chords
  • Figure out F Lydian Chords

The chords I’ve figured out:

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