Week 67. Hotel California Riff

Hey guitar chefs!

I haven’t learnt the last part of the Hotel California solo, but instead spent some time on learning the main riff of the song. I recorded 2.5 minutes of me playing it, and it’s not always 100% correct but yet pretty consistent, which I’m glad about. More practice needed though, as always 😀

Also I’ve increased the speed of playing modes in 3rds to 140 bpm. Not a big deal, just some progress I had this week.

I watched Module 42 videos, but haven’t practiced soloing over 12 bar blues at all. Hope to have some time for it the next week!

See you in a week guys!

P.S. I came up with the idea for the YouTube videos and not sure if it’s gonna be enjoyable to watch. So I’ll need your help on that, guitar chefs! But that’s something for another post 🙂

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