Week 63. Lydian Improv

Hey guitar chefs!

Last Thursday I made a mistake of biting off one of my calluses causing inability to play with my middle finger… It is almost fine now but I haven’t practiced the Hotel California solo at all. So here’s my lydian improvisation session with the new backing track Brandon sent me on one of the livestreams.

The improv is still not so great, I can’t get through my patterns I’m used to play, so at this point I just want to go through all of the modes and switch to the next module hoping that the things that are there will help me override my playing behavior πŸ™‚

Also I wanted to start practicing scales in 3rds, 4ths, 5ths and 6ths in order to get used to playing them and hearing wider intervals, but my finger wouldn’t let me do it. So I hope that next week I’ll have some time for that.

Also I’m planning on going snowboarding the next week so maybe all these plans will shift for a week πŸ™‚

Anyway, here’s the video. Cheers!

Week 62. Hotel California Solo Pt.1

Hey guitar chefs!

No fancy editing this time. Started learning the solo from Hotel California. Always liked the sound of it and it seemed not as hard to play at it ended up being πŸ˜…

Anyway, I’ve learned the first part of it and managed to record it and choose 3 clean-ish takes from the video. Had to skip a day or two due to calluses after that bends πŸ˜€

I also tried improvising in C Phrygian but nothing new on that front, not much to show. Next week I’ll switch to Lydian mode.


Week 61. Dorian stuff

Hey guitar chefs!

This week – Dorian mode. I’ve been improvising almost daily, listening back to what I’ve recorded and choosing the best takes for todays video.

After the 2nd day there was a livestream and then the Rendez’s comment with suggestions to focus more on the arpeggios instead of the whole scale shape. I’m not sure if I’ve implemented these suggestions correctly, but since Day 3 I tried to construct my improvs around the notes that are in the chord I’ve been playing over.

It changed the game partially, but I started to overthink a lot, so the closer to the end of the week I got, the less of the “successful” takes I managed to find in my improvisation sessions. I’ll stick to this approach though. Maybe I just need more practice and getting more comfortable with the notes I should stick to.

As for daily riffs, I’m not sure if I’m going to do them in 2022. I want to learn and record some harder songs, and it’s gonna be impossible to learn and record things like this in one day. So maybe I’ll record one full song per week or even per month instead of playing those short parts on a daily basis. We’ll see…

Anyway, Merry Christmas to everyone who celebrates it on December 25th. Have a nice one! I’ll see you in a week.

Week 60. Ionian… Again?

Hey guitar chefs!

So I decided to do one mode per week for my improv practice, and this week was completely on C Ionian. I would improvise for 10 minutes per day. First 5 minutes over the metronome in order not to get restricted by the backing track and then another 5 minutes over the backing track.

It’s not much, but that amount of time is bearable when it comes to listening back to the improv and cutting it down for my daily posts. If I play for 10-20 minutes, it takes nearly an hour or maybe even two to edit everything out, which is too much. So I went for quality over quantity πŸ˜…

Next week – Dorian Mode!

As for the riffs, I focused on the vocal melodies instead of pure riffs and solos. The idea was to become better in improvising through learning and feeling these melodies. And I think it started working out slowly but surely. My improv is still very repetitive but sometimes I come up with something more unique. And I think that learning vocal melodies helped with that progress. So yes, I’ll continue learning these for sure πŸ™‚

See you next week guitar chefs!

Week 59. Barely ANY PROGRESS

Hey guitar chefs!

This week the craziness of life continued, so I had nearly no time to practice improvs and barely any time to record the daily riffs. So the video is almost completely devoted to them. Enjoy!

I’ve improvised 2-3 times this week, but my rhythms are very repetitive, so I didn’t even insert any take in my weekly video. Hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something next week and record something decent for this part.

In order to boost my melody creation creativity I decided to learn by ear and play the vocal lines for the songs I chose for the riffs. Hope it helps…

See you next week!

Week 58. Tempo UP and DOWN

Well, that week was a really busy one. Haven’t got a chance to practice anything but Cliffs Of Dover, and ofter would play it at 1-2 a.m. which affected my performance. So I’m not happy with the results, but I’ll leave this tune for a while, because it’s getting very repetitive at this point.

I hope to do some improvising next week. Fingers crossed 🀞🏻

Have a nice week, guitar chefs!

Week 57. At the ORIGINAL TEMPO

Hey guitar chefs!

This week I’ve had time only to practice Cliffs Of Dover. And I’ve been drilling it daily starting from 150 bpm and gradually going up to 180 bpm. So I decided to record it at each tempo I’ve gone through: 150, 160, 170, 180 bpm. And after doing so I thought: “Maybe it’s time to try to play the song at the original tempo?”. So I tried it and recorded the initial 5 minutes right away.

Surprisingly, it worked out, so for the next week I’ll be cleaning it up at that tempo. There’s still things I need to focus on more, like muting the D string more consistently and precisely, but I really like the result at this point. And it’s so much fun to play, even after pretty much the week of doing it over and over and over again for 10 minutes a day. Looking forward to what I’ll have achieved by the end of the next week.

I’ve added another 80-90 songs which I want to make a short covers of to my playlist, which is cool, because I’ve almost run out of them and had to quickly find some to learn straight away. Also, I try to learn the ones which sound easy by ear and only double check myself with the tabs if I can’t figure them out or the end result sounds wrong.

P.S. Trying to make my videos more dynamic and “more playing, less talking”, so this one is short. Hopefully it’ll be enjoyable to watch.

Week 56. Not enough time…

Hey, guitar chefs!

Improvisation… The idea was to do an improv session each day. 7 modes = 7 days, everything makes sense. But in reality I had time for these sessions only 3 times. So for this week I’ve got only Ionian, Dorian and Phrygian improvs, which is not too shabby but less than I wanted to practice. Next week will possibly be even more busy, so we’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll have to postpone this routine for another week. Black Friday is soon, lots of stuff needs to be done!

Cliffs Of Dover. Increased the tempo to 150 bpm, have been playing at it pretty much the whole week, still inconsistent as hell πŸ˜… More practice needed!

As for the riffs, I really like almost every one of them and listen to them pretty much daily. The tone is great, the performance too (I hope). My favorite is Stolen Dance by Milky Chance. I’ve listened to it like 100 times already πŸ˜€

Anyway, have a nice week, guys. See ya!

Week 55. Time to MOVE ON

Hey guitar chefs!

This week I’ve completely annihilated my sleep schedule because of lots of stuff that’s going on in the life now. So I had to practice 5 of 7 days after midnight and sleep for 3-5 hours per day. Hence my performance is sloppy, but I still managed to somehow play the exercises at 150 bpm.

Also I really liked the part of Cliffs of Dover, so I learnt it πŸ™‚

And there’s no way I could maintain the daily riffs challenge learning everything by ear, so I’ll switch to the tabs from now on. The positive side of it is that I’ll be able to learn something much harder than I could by ear in one day.

I want to sleep and I need some sleep, so I’m gonna go to sleep now πŸ˜€


Week 54. Harder than ANYTHING before

Hey guitar chefs!

This week I continued practicing sweeping G major scale. That’s a task and a half for sure! Before that I’ve always managed to reach my “standard” tempo of 150 bpm in a week, but with this exercise I only got to 120 bpm in two! That’s crazy, but surely I’ll get there in a week or two if the practice continues. I got a bit tired of it but we’ll see – maybe I’ll give another week a shot.

As for the riffs, the ones I chose for this week are pretty tricky at most, which is cool. Especially if I haven’t made any mistakes in them πŸ˜…

Anyway, the next week will be on either the sweeps or the next module. See you there!