Week 42. An Overkill

Well, the heading speaks for itself ?

After the livestream I returned back to the previous chords from C Ionian and D Dorian modes hoping that their quantity will decrease after I apply the following rules:

  • The lowest note of the chord must be 1, 3, 5 or 7
  • We can omit any notes except for 3, 7 and the ones in the chord name

The first rule really helped and I deleted quite a few of voicings which couldn’t be called the way I named them.

The second though… Well, after going through C Ionian mode I “decreased” the number of voicings from 74 to 89, and for the D Dorian – from 69 to 98. I’ve spent several hours straight for each of these modes yesterday and found some crazy wide voicings which I haven’t considered before. Hence this quantity increase.

The situation have got out of control a bit, but I’m having fun as soon as I’m not stuck at the same ones.

Next week I’ll go on vacation and won’t be able to continue just yet. So I’ll go with ear training and maybe something else instead. But when I’m back, G Mixolydian, A Aeolian and B Locrian will have been gone through as well.

At first I thought I would play all these chords, but now when I’m writing this I’m not sure anymore, because I have 311 voicings on my list and it’s gonna be a 15-20 minutes long part of the video of me just playing chords, which is not very enjoyable to watch. But on the other hand it might be useful to hear through all of the different voicings and choose the ones I like the most. So at that point I’m a bit uncertain, and we’ll see what’s gonna be as a result.

Phew… Can’t believe that I’ve done all this. These numbers are really crazy.

Anyway, see you next week from sunny Turkey!

The goals for this week were:

  • [Done] Figure out E Phrygian Chords
  • [Done] Figure out F Lydian Chords

My goals for the next week:

  • Have fun 🙂

The chords I’ve figured out:

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