Week 40. C Ionian Chords

Well, that week was a breakthrough. I finally started to understand how chords work and why that chords belongs to that key. Mind blown!

As always, I wanted to go through Module 35 as thoroughly as I can. So instead of learning 1-2 voicings of each chord I decided to learn pretty much all of them. Well, at first I thought I’d learned all of them ?

The first approach I took was to find a website with as many chord variations as possible and learn all of them in the way I’ve learnt all the shapes of the CAGED system. And it really helped, now I know a lot of them.

But… Yesterday it downed on me! There is a way to figure out more voicings. So for the last two days I’ve been figuring out the shapes based on the C major chord shapes of the CAGED system. And since I’m not sure about all of them, I recorded the whole process. Hence the video length. Sorry about that.

That process has really made me excited and interested in finally learning the notes of the chords. And the process of figuring out the shapes appeared to be a refreshing experience.

So I’m looking forward to start practicing Dorian mode tomorrow.

P.S. I had no time to improve my improvisation, so there’s none of it in the video. I need to learn some licks in order to get more interesting sound, because I really started to repeat myself too often. So I guess I’ll return to it after the chords module.

The goals for this week were:

  • [Done] Implement Module 35 routines
  • [Done] Improvise daily

My goals for the next week:

  • Repeat C Ionian Chords
  • Learn D Dorian Chords

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