Day 27. Too many routines

This week’s conclusion is near, so I want to reach the number I wanted to on the most number of routines I possibly can to proceed to the next modules and some new exercises.

1234 exercise

1234 on the 5th fret

I used this routine as a warmup to get my hands warmer as there was quite cold in the room already. It want’s perfect, and it was at 340 bpm.

1234 on the 1-12 frets

I held my hands in the hot water, so that’s why they’re a bit red in this video. It helped, but not with this routine, because they were too relaxed to play at that speed which was set to 320 bpm.

1243 on the 5th fret

At this point I don’t really know if I’ll be able to play this one consistently without muscle pain. Guess I’ll just continue practicing. This combination was played at 300 bpm.

1324 on the 5th fret

I really needed to get some rest after the previous one… I didn’t take a break and playing this combination, I felt the tension and burn in the hand halfway through. So the second half wasn’t played well at all. Tomorrow I’ll start with the newer combinations to play them when I’m not tired yet.

1342 on the 5th fret

After other routines I returned back to this one. Tomorrow is the last day of this week so I really want to end it with this combination being played at 300 bpm. So today I sped up the metronome twice. First try was at 260 bpm.

Then I set the speed to 280 bpm and failed almost completely. I mean, it was really bad… My hand was exhausted after previous routines so I did so many mistakes I wouldn’t even think about being able to make. Tomorrow I’ll start at 280 bpm again and hopefully will be able to play it at 300 bpm as well.

Chord transitions

B7/E transition

B7 chord had become my second nature. There is no issues with quick transitions to it at all. In 2 minutes I played something wrong just a few times. And it wasn’t something very crucial, just 1-2 dead notes. So I’m happy with this result at 110 bpm.

B7/C transition

Unlike B7/E transition this one have no fingers left in the same positions, but despite this fact I managed to play 80-85% of the routine correctly at 110 bpm.

Am G/B C G/B transition

Again there is some kind of mind games I have with myself – Am G/B Am G/B or C G/B C G/B were played several times during the video. But overall it went great – the transitions are not tricky at all. Today’s speed was 100 bpm.

Em D/F# G D/F# transition

Didn’t touch the second D/F# shape today (with my index finger on the E string). Using the version with my thumb this chord progression was successfully played at 100 bpm as well.


Module 7 pattern

After some struggle I managed to pull it off at 110 bpm. Need 120 bpm for tomorrow.

Module 9 pattern

Considering there’s no chord written I used the ones from Let It Be – C G Am F C for the corresponding lines. Managed to play it at 120 bpm but tomorrow I’ll repeat this one to make a shorter video and to confirm my result.

Let It Be

I ran out of phone memory again so decided to play this routine off-camera at the same original speed – 143 bpm. Nothing special here. Practiced this fast F C Dm C transition a few times to play the right notes.


The number of routines increases so I really want to finish some of them tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to do it.

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