Day 26. Through beginner modules

I watched through modules 9-11 which concluded Part 1 of the course. I will pick songs with I-V-vi-IV and vi-IV-I-V and probably make full cover of them after the two songs I started to play before.

1234 exercise

I decided to change the structure of this part to differentiate all finger combinations and make it easier to look through.

1234 on the 5th fret

Today I used this as a warmup to play other stuff more consistently. The metronome is at 320 bpm.

1234 on the 1-12 frets

Then I played the same 1234 on the whole fretboard at the same 320 bpm.

1243 on the 5th fret

My pinky still got tired after just 2 minutes of playing, will practice more. 300 bpm.

1324 on the 5th fret

It would be better for my performance to take a break after the previous exercise but I started this one without it, so it wasn’t perfect and after a few minutes I started to make mistakes. 300 bpm.

1342 on the 5th fret

Here comes the new combination. Started to increase the speed I did it at a week or so ago – 240 bpm. I really want to get to 300 bpm till the end of the week.

Chord transitions

B7/E transition

I felt really comfortable with B7 today at the same 100 bpm. Tomorrow I’ll increase it even more.

B7/C transition

Again, B7 feels more natural here now. 100 bpm.

Am G/B C G/B transition

Still don’t know why my brain mixes up these three chords and plays C G/B C or Am G/B Am from time to time. Anyway, I almost nailed it at 90 bpm. And the transitions themselves are not the main issue here.

Em D/F# G D/F# transition

As always the shape with my thumb feels easy, so 90 bpm is okay. Using the other shape with the index finder at the E string I managed to do it at 60 bpm today.


Module 7 pattern

Last time I haven’t played it perfectly at 100 bpm, so today it was time to nail this speed.

Module 9 pattern

These patterns are not so hard, maybe tomorrow I’ll repeat them at the same 120 bpm all at once.

Let It Be

As in the Am G/B C G/B chord progression, the main issue here was not the chord transitions themselves. Somehow I kept struggling with realizing which chord needs to be played next. Anyway I have been playing it for 5 minutes at the original speed – 143 bpm.


I want to practice as much as possible by the end of the week to start the new one with new “post-beginner” modules. At the same time it will be great to finally record When I Come Around with the bass part. We’ll see how it goes.

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