Day 28. Finishing them up

It’s the last day of the week 4, so I wanted to conclude as much routines as I could to start the new ones and proceed further into the course. I will repeat most of today’s routines for a day or two still to make them sound cleaner and more consistent but the goal was to get all of them so the speed I wanted them to be played at.

1234 exercise

Today I started with the newest combinations not to get tired when I finally get to them 🙂

1342 at the 5th fret

My goal was to get it to 300 bpm this week. Today I started with 280 bpm as a warmup.

Then I played it in 300 bpm as well. It was far from perfect but still I kind of managed to play it so it counts 🙂

1324 at the 5th fret

I got this combination to the 300 bpm a few days ago so I just repeated it at the same speed to develop consistency.

1243 at the 5th fret

At the end of today’s practice I had some time to play this combination, but my fingers were tired already so I messed it up significantly.

Chord transitions

Today was the day I finished all my chord transitions routines. It means that I played all of them at 120 bpm pretty consistently to count it as a success.

B7/E transition

B7/C transition

Am G/B C G/B transition

Em D/F# G D/F# transition


The strumming patterns went the same way – played them at 120 bpm to finish up those.

Module 7 pattern

Module 9 pattern

Let It Be

I played it pretty well at the first place, but after a few days of practice I got better at F C Dm C fast chord transitions part.


I’m not sure what to do next. Part of me wants to go deeper into the course to find out something new and my other part tells to just continue the 1234 practice with other finger combinations and to master and record full versions of Green Day’s songs. We’ll see what I choose to do next week soon.

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