Day 25. Welcome to Paradise

Today I accidentally played the chord progression which sounded very familiar. Turned out it was from Welcome to Paradise by Green Day. So I remembered this song, played and recorded it after all the routines. I messed up two or three times during the song, so I’m gonna practice it more. This is like the first try to compare with in the future.

Here is clean version to hear how messy it sounds now 🙂

1234 on the 1-12 frets

I continue to practice it at the same speed – 320 bpm – and not sure if I’m getting better at it. Maybe I need to warm up before it instead of using this exercise as a warmup.

1234 on the 5th fret


As I mentioned yesterday, I reduced the practice time for this combination to 2 min. Still the same 300 bpm, because it’s not clean at all yet.


Finally this combination is completed and played at 300 bpm. It’s easier for me than 1243. Anyway, tomorrow I’ll start the next one – 1342.

Chord transitions

B7/E transition

I started with the same speed as yesterday – 90 bpm.

And then proceeded to 100 bpm.

B7/C transition

Same chord – same story. 90 bpm at first.

And then at 100 bpm.

Am G/B C G/B transition

Finally I stopped messing up the chord order. Now the Am and C are played exactly when they should. Increased the speed to 80 bpm.

Em D/F# G D/F# transition

Still struggling with the D/F# shape. So I practice both variants – with my thumb on the E string and with my index finger. The former is done at 80 bpm, the latter – hardly at 50 bpm.


Module 7 pattern

Today I got to 100 bpm. Not everything went smoothly, but at the end I nailed it.

Fretboard knowledge

Realized that haven’t been practicing this stuff for a few days now, so I just did two attempts in a row on camera and got the time below 1:50 both times. Still worthy 🙂


I really like that thing with the songs and surely will do full covers (I mean two guitars and a bass) of both of these. Need more time to practice the bass lines, they are pretty fast and tricky. And keeping it up with my daily upload thing gets harder. But I’m having too much fun to stop doing it, so I’ll keep it up for as long as I could!

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