Day 20. Midnight practice

There was not much time to practice today, so I ended up starting the routines at 00:30 or so. So I didn’t plug in the guitar today as well as didn’t practice loud things such as chord transitions or strumming.

1234 on the 1-12 frets

I started with the usual 300 bpm tempo.

Then I decided to increase it to 320 bpm. My legato went south instantly 🙂 I got better in the end but this speed increase was unexpectedly hard in comparison to the 1243 speed improving which will be described below.

1243 on the 5th fret

I really want to end the week with the ability to play 1243 at 300 bpm so I had to increase the speed twice today. First I set the metronome to 260 bpm.

And then to 280 bpm. My pinky and ring fingers have a quite strong relationships and are not willing to leave each other when one of them pressing the string. In 1234 combination it was okay, but when the pinky presses the string first, it’s hard for me to press the string with the ring finger and then lift my pinky up. Hopefully, this problem will sort out by itself.

Fretboard knowledge

For a week or so I practiced fretboard knowledge the same way and ended up with a great time. Today I decided to basically start over and play strings not only one by one but in the opposite order.

As I thought I really got used to the order I played the notes. So when I changed that order it became way more difficult. I think I will practice it that or some similar way for a while.

Anyway, that’s my initial attempt.

And that’s my final try for today after I practiced each string for 5 times independently.


There’s a lot to do tomorrow. I’m looking forward to increase every result to record my weekly report video and share it in the facebook group. Too soon to make some statements yet, so let’s just move on.

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