Day 19. Tricky transitions

Finally I had some time in the morning to play the guitar. I went through module 7 and took some routines from it. I didn’t touch new strumming patterns because I didn’t quite master patterns from the previous module.

1234 on the 1-12 frets

I started the exercise at 300 bpm. It got better than before. My phone ran out of memory again so I didn’t record the first attempt and repeated 1234s one more time.

1243 on the 5th fret

This time the speed was increased to 240 bpm.

And I repeated the routine in the end of today practice just to improve the results more.

Chord transitions

In module 7 there were two chords added – G and B7. The latter was almost not used by me at all, so these were tricky ones.

A/E transition

Did it at 140 bpm. Not sure if I will practice this transition more – it’s pretty easy to play it.

A/Dm transition

This time the metronome was set to 120 bpm. I decided to mute the strings after each strum to hear if all the strings are played in each chord.

G/D transition

This one was easy. The ring finger serves as the anchor point to rotate other fingers around it. The pace was 120 bpm.

B7/E transition

There is where fun begins… I played this chord literally several times in my life. And the hardest part of it is to place the fingers so that open strings are not muted. So I started at 60 bpm. I wouldn’t say it was too fast, but for now my transitions are not very consistent at that speed.

B7/C transition

Somehow this one was a bit easier for me despite the fact that in terms of fingers movement there is much more going on here. I think that that one song I played which contained B7 chord was with this transition, so I have some kind of muscle memory for it.

Fretboard knowledge

As always, first attempt for today – 1:41.

The best one was in 1:35. And the last one on camera was in 1:42.


I continued increasing the speed for module 6 strumming pattern. At first I played it at 110 bpm.

Then I increased the speed to 120 bpm. Will start from this speed tomorrow, because it was not perfect.


I want to play 1243 on the 5th fret at 300 bpm by the end of the week. So I will be practicing mostly this thing as long as I could in terms of my hand and finger exhaustion.

It’s cool to finally get to the point where I need to practice something from level zero. I’m talking about B7 chord. I was surprised to see it as one of the crucial ones. I saw it maybe in 1 or 2 songs I played. It will be fun to improve my chord transitions speed with this one.

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