Day 21. Midnight again

Today was the final day of my third week into the course. Unfortunately, the only time I was able to have some practice was at the night. So all the loud routines mostly remained untouched. I kinda did the chord transitions, but it was not it at all.

1234 on the 1-12 frets

I repeated the routine at 320 bpm. A few more of those and I will increase the speed to 340 bpm. I got my cats sterilized today and had to keep one in the room, so there was some meows to get my attention during the recording.

1243 on the 5th fret

I wanted to finish the week at 300 bpm. So I started with 280 bpm I did it at yesterday.

And then increased it to 300 bpm. Done!

I didn’t manage to maintain that speed for the whole 5 minutes. There is my ring-pinky-fingers-muscle-problem I talked about, so after maybe 30-40 seconds that muscle starts burning and getting really tired. Need to practice more. But overall – goal achieved!

Chord transitions

I wasn’t able to play the chords out loud and it didn’t sound right that way so I’ll repeat all these transitions tomorrow with the same paces. Anyway, there are some videos.

A/E transition

Increased the speed to 150 bpm.

A/Dm transition

Set the metronome to 140 bpm.

G/D transition

Did it at 140 bpm.

B7/E transition

Sped up to 70 bpm.

B7/C transition

The same 70 bpm here.


I didn’t happy with how this day’s routine went, but it is how it is, so I just hope to continue everything tomorrow and practice in the morning or so. It should be enough time for this now.

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