Day 18. Repetition

Today I didn’t have much time to practice so I just repeated every yesterday exercise, some with the metronome speed increased.

1234 on the 1-12 frets

I repeated it at 300 bpm. There were errors but not so many. I missed a string with a pick a few times, messed up timings of my ring and pinky fingers a bit and messed up with transitions between the frets once or twice.

1234 on the 5th fret

I continued to practice different combinations of fingers at the same 220 bpm. It’s quite hard for muscle memory and for the brain to master all combinations at once so I decided to practice them one by one for a few days each to get to the consistent playing at 300 bpm or so.




Chord transitions

I practiced the same transitions as yesterday at the faster speed.

A/E transition

Did it at 120 bpm. Because of the way I play the A chord this transition is easy for me. Tomorrow I’ll increase the speed even more.

A/Dm transition

That’s more tricky, but not impossible, especially at 100 bpm. Tomorrow I’ll increase this value.


I started with practicing it a bit more without the metronome, because I did’t quite mastered it yesterday. Then I tried to do it on beat. After several attempts this chord and strumming progression was written to my brain and I managed to do it pretty seamlessly and clean.

This is my last attempt, I recorded it separately to have it in other video.

Fretboard knowledge

Maybe I need to practice more of it every day or maybe it’s really hard to get below 1:30, but I didn’t get closer to it yet. My first attempt was in 1:42.

My best one for today was in 1:38 and the last one I recorder – in 1:41.


I don’t have much to say today. It was quite an eventful day, so I got only 1 hour or so in the evening to practice. I did nothing new, just repeated the previous day routine. But that’s ok, I think. The best thing is that I find some time to do it. And my consistency with these daily posts is what makes me happy.

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