Day 17. Proceeding further

I decided to continue doing different 1234 combinations but at the same time look through some following modules to start practicing something more exiting. These 1234s are great but not so enjoying. Not mentioning the fact that my left hand gets tired after 1-2 practices 5 minutes each so I need to do something else. So I watched the 6th module today.

1234 on the 1-12 frets

I spent my time at the same speed – 300 bpm. I need to make this consistent. For now, it’s not like it.

1234 on the 5th fret

I kept the speed to practice all these new combinations more and try to make less errors while playing. It was not very successful so I’ll continue to practice at the same speed for a day or two more. The metronome was set to 220 bpm.




Fretboard knowledge

I somehow deleted the video of my first try of this day, but it was in 1:42.

The last attempt was faster, I managed to finish it in 1:38. Still not the new record but pretty good. All my attempts today was below 1:50 even regarding the fact that I messed up a lot.

Chord transitions

In module 6 there was A and Dm chords presented. So transitions included these two.

A/E transition

That’s a pretty easy one but I decided to start safe at 110 bpm to have some room to proceed to.

A/Dm transition

That’s trickier, so I set the metronome to 90 bpm just to be sure I would make it.


A new PDF was given, so first of all I started to learn all new strumming patterns without playing actual chords. I played them line by line and then all together at 100 bpm.

After that I included chords in the equation. As I saw this combination the first time, it was quite tricky at first, and I set the metronome to 80 bpm to play it consistently.

Unfortunately, my phone ran out of memory again so I had to record the final attempts at 80 bpm as well. Surely, I will increase this speed shortly.


After the answer to my week 2 summary I started to practice being plugged in when it’s possible. And the first thing that I got from it was the fact that after practice I wanted to play more, to do something beyond the routine. So yesterday I started to record The Kids Aren’t Alright by The Offspring. And after a few major problems with my software it all is set up and running, so I’m gonna work on it the next days.

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