Day 16. Step by step

1234 on 1-12 frets

I returned to practicing this routine on different frets. Last time (it was in the week 1) I did it at 270 bpm. So today I started at 300 bpm. It wasn’t perfect, but it was ok.

1234 on the 5th fret

Other combinations I practice is not enough well-played to do this kind of stuff, so I practice them at 5th fret only for now.


This one is the easiest one of the combinations left, but I want to improve them simultaneously, so the speed was increased to 220 bpm as for the others.


That’s the combination at which my fingers stopped obeying my brain… The first two minutes went pretty decent but then… So many times I stopped because of my fingers mixed up and pressed the strings at the wrong time. Tomorrow I’ll repeat this routine with the same 220 bpm.


Another tricky one. Emotions are pretty the same here. Need more practice. Tomorrow it will be at 220 bpm again.

Fretboard knowledge

Same as always, there is my today’s first attempt. I finished in 1:42.

Unfortunately, I was thinking too much about the record and my goal to beat the 1:30 time and it interfered with my playing which led to me messing this up. So the last try was in 1:52.

Chord transitions

I sped up every transition for a bit and nailed it.

C/D transition

Transitions were made at 110 bpm. The hand started to feel pain, but not much so nothing unusual.

Am/C transition

I increased the speed to 180 bpm. I have no idea why would anyone in any song did so many Am/C transitions at that speed.

E/D transition

I did it at 160 bpm with some errors. Don’t know why this is needed too.


I decided to stop doing these chord transitions. They are not fun and I am pretty good at them when it doesn’t go to the speed where the transitions start to sound unnecessary fast.

I will practice as many 1234 combinations as I could this week and will proceed further into the course.

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