Day 15. 1234, 1243, 1324, 1342

Finally I managed to start doing different combinations of 1234s. At first I thought about taking 6 combinations and practicing only them today, but then my fingers started to get tired and I switched to other routines to continue the practice and ended up with 4 variations for today.

1234 on the 5th fret

I definitely need to come up with another name for this part because there are not only 1234s, but some other stuff happening here now.


I started with 1234 at 320 bpm. I failed at that speed yesterday so I kept it to become more consistent at it. But I still ended up making lots of mistakes so I will continue practicing at this pace tomorrow as well.


Before recording the video I tried to play these a few times. It turned out that this combination is quite natural for my fingers so I set up the metronome at 200 bpm right away and considering it was the first time ever to play this combination it went pretty well.

I had the opposite issue with my pinky. At 1234 it flied away form the strings before needed to be placed on the string. Here it stayed on the strings after being played with. I’m gonna be working on that.


Here comes more tricky one. From now on I needed to think more about finger placement order and it led to quite a lot mistakes during the routine. Still first time though so I’m not gonna be very upset about it and just continue to work on my precision tomorrow. Did it at 200 bpm too.


There was some problems with letting my ring and pinky fingers off the strings after being played with. So when I was supposed to play with my middle finger, sometimes the string was muted. So… again, lots of work here to be done 🙂 But still kind of did it at 200 bpm as well.

Fretboard knowledge

You know the drill. First attempt of the day – 1:43.

Last attempt of the day – 1:40.

I managed to set my new record off-camera which was 1:36. I’m getting closer to my goal which is to do it below 1:30.

Chord transitions

Not much to say here. I sped up each pair of chord a bit to face the new challenge.

C/D transition

Nailed it at 100 bpm.

Am/C transition

Did it at 160 bpm.

E/D transition

Practiced at 140 bpm.


Let’s just say I’m glad to start working on different variations of 1234s for now.

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