Day 13. 1234 improvement

I literally got no time today, so my practice started at 00:30. I was to do 1234s for a couple of minutes and report this routine but ended up playing for about 40-50 minutes 😀

1234 on the 5th fret

I started with the speed I ended up with the previous day – 200 bpm. It felt way more natural for my left hand than before. To make something different I decided to set the metronome at half a speed I wanted to play at.

Then the speed was increased to 220 bpm.

Then to 240 bpm. Two speed increases per day – wow!

I reached the speed at which it’s almost necessary to use alternate picking. So at the end of the routine I decided to repeat 1234s at the same 240 bpm but using that technique. I didn’t use alternate picking for a while so my attempt turn out quite rough, but I’m sure tomorrow I’ll do this as it was meant to be played.

Fretboard knowledge

As always, I recorded my first attempt. I was 2:16

This time I managed to go under 1:50! 1:49 is now my new personal record. And I got it on camera this time 🙂


These last few days were very eventful, I didn’t have much time at all. That’s really great that my enthusiasm keeps me doing these posts even after midnight – that’s how I’m positive about doing this challenge!

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