Day 14. Improving everything

It’s the last day of the week so I tried to do my best in everything I practiced this week. How did it go out? Let’s see…

1234 on the 5th fret

I started with 240 bpm again to seal my alternate picking skills. It felt natural and was not hard at all.

After other routines I decided to check if this week somehow changed the way I did 1234s before. So I did the same exercise at 300 bpm to find it out.

I felt no challenge at 300 bpm so then I tried to do it again at 320 bpm. There are a lot of messed up moments in this video, but still I’m sure tomorrow I will do it flawlessly at that speed.

Chord transitions

Last time I practiced these two days ago. Today I tried to increase speed of each of them a little.

C/D transition

Despite the fact that a part of my palm became very tired after the exercise and some chords wasn’t clean enough at the end, I see this as a win and look forward to increase the speed even more. But I really need to do something with my thumb and my palm being too tensed and becoming tired after I intensively play just for a few minutes. I did it at 90 bpm this time.

Am/C transition

It’s the easiest one of all three, so I nailed it easily at 140 bpm.

E/D transition

The D chord didn’t always sound clean, so I will work on this transition more, but despite that I played these transitions at 120 bpm.


I missed this one yesterday – it’s so much fun! So I started at 140 bpm again to make sure I can still manage this speed.

Then I started increasing the speed. At first to 160 bpm.

Then even more – to 180 bpm. It was really messed up at the beginning, but I focused and made through the whole sheet 3 times in a row without major mistakes.

Fretboard knowledge

This time my first attempt became my best one yet – 1:44.

And after a few tries I started to think a lot about beating my time and this anxiety was so great that I kept messing up again and again and didn’t manage to beat my record. Anyway, that’s 1:54 attempt.


These reports increase in size every day and it takes a lot more time to upload all the videos to YouTube. Maybe I need to rethink what I record and how much I record. Anyway, the week was a very busy one. So I’m happy I found time to do these posts every day.

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