Week 49. Lots Of Levels

Getting closer and closer to the 52 week into the course mark. Excited about that and kinda anxious about what to record for that video… But that’s the problem for the future me, so let’s get through everything I’ve been doing during this week.

First of all, I finally got through all 8 levels of economy picking. The hardest ones for me are 8 (obviously) and 5 (not obviously). I think that the hardness of the 8th level makes sense – it’s the last one after all. But as for the 5th level, I find it really hard to construct wide shapes on the fretboard starting from the pinky. The same shape in level 6 is way easier to play and I thought it was due to it being in the beginning of the line instead of the end. But nope, after thinking about it I can definitely tell that starting with the pinky is the issue.

The second part is the riffs. I’ve recorded seven of them as usual, and quite like how the end results sound. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to figure out their keys, so that task will remain for the next week. Or I’ll just skip it for these riffs.

The video is quite long but I tried to make it as short as possible. As always there are time codes in order to make the navigation easier. See you next week!

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