Week 48. My New Guitar

Hey guitar chefs!

Technically, that video has to be my 52nd one in the group, but since I counted only the weeks I’ve been practicing in, the numeration shifted a bit, so the proper 1 year summary will be posted in 4 weeks from now.

Anyway, at the very first day I decided that if I’m to successfully maintain consistent practice and to devote a good amount of time into the program then I’ll reward myself with a new guitar on the next birthday. And here it is!

The guitar is a PRS SE CUSTOM 22 VINTAGE SUNBURST and it’s beautiful and versatile. Looking forward to continue my daily practice on it!

Anyway, the practice routine for this week was economy picking, levels 1-4. The speed I’ve reached is 1/8 notes @ 140 bpm. Next week I’ll add another 4 levels and get these four to 150 bpm or maybe even further.

Also there’s new riffs as always. And I tried to figure out the keys of the songs only by the riffs. Not sure if it’s always possible, because sometimes there’s just not enough notes, but I tried.

See you next week!

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