Week 34. Improv Is Fun

Guitar chefs, what a week it was! I discovered the world of improvisation and it’s SO MUCH FUN 😀

But let’s start from the beginning. I’ve been practicing modes this week. The idea was to remember the shapes and order of them and learn to play these shapes at decent speed. So by the end of the week I got from 1/4 notes @ 120 bpm to 1/8 notes @ 150 bpm, which is cool. The routine with the random scale machine was in my daily practice as well.

Next week I want and need to focus more on the notes than the shapes. So I will be memorizing the Circle of Fifths better and playing all the scales and modes pronouncing the notes out loud.

Improvisation is now my favorite thing to do 😀 As soon as I’ve kinda got the idea and started messing around with different shapes, rhythms and melodies, it became less frustrating and more inspiring. It’s quite interesting that I tend to hold to a particular rhythm the whole session but each day it’s the different one. I suppose it represents my current mood or something like that. Very interesting!

Snow and The Last of the American Girls were not the priority at all this week. As soon as I started the modes and improv I’ve completely forgotten about them, and kinda want to spend more time on the modes next week as well. So these two are abandoned for some time.

My daily practice works. It’s not always easy to keep up but I kinda forced myself to make it a habit and it’s not that annoying already. I upload to the fresh Instagram account daily in order to be accountable for that process: https://www.instagram.com/vsevolod.kolos/

See you next week. Take care!

The goals for this week were:

  • Snow (Hey Oh) with different fingering at 120 bpm
  • The Last of the American Girls by Green Day solo at 122 bpm playing arpeggios the right way
  • [Done] Implement Module 30 routines

My goals for the next week:

  • Memorize the Circle of Fifths
  • Play the modes pronouncing the notes out loud
  • Practice modes with the Random Scale Machine
  • Improvise daily

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