Week 33. Moving On

What’s going on chefs!

This week was kinda demotivating, because I’m not only failed to increase the speed of muted strumming but had to decrease the speed and my performance got much worse. It’s not what one expect from daily consistent practice, so I’ll drop that exercise for time being and maybe return to it later on. The same goes with the right hand muted string skipping exercise.

Other routines were however pretty okay. I improved in celtic exercise and will stop practicing it, Snow sounds and feels much more consistent and The Last of the American Girls solo appeared to be just a bunch of arpeggios and since that I learned it by ear in 5-10 minutes.

So my emotions are kinda mixed right now. I’m not really depressed, but these dexterity stuff needs to go for now. Today I’ll watch Module 30 and start its routines tomorrow.

Have a nice week everyone!

The goals for this week were:

  • Snow (Hey Oh) at 150 bpm consistently
  • Muted strumming exercise at 190 bpm consistently
  • [Done] Right hand muted string skipping exercise at 100 bpm
  • [Done] Celtic exercise at 120 bpm consistently
  • [Done] Learn The Last of the American Girls by Green Day solo by ear

My goals for the next week:

  • Snow (Hey Oh) with different fingering at 120 bpm
  • The Last of the American Girls by Green Day solo at 122 bpm playing arpeggios the right way
  • Implement Module 30 routines

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