Day 43. Adding 1234 combinations

Today I started practicing three new combinations: 2134, 2143, 2314 and tried to set the new record for fretboard knowledge. Also I replayed Demons by Imagine Dragons and got interrupted twice during 12-13-14-23-24-34 exercise.

1234 exercise

I wanted to start from 8th notes at 150 bpm but then realized that starting the pattern from the middle finger really makes everything much harder. So I dropped the speed to 110 bpm and played all of them, decent-ish.

2134 on the 5th fret

8th notes at 110 bpm.

2143 on the 5th fret

8th notes at 110 bpm.

2314 on the 5th fret

8th notes at 110 bpm.

12-13-14-23-24-34 on the 5th fret

8th notes at 120 bpm. Got interrupted twice…

Fretboard knowledge

From now on I’ll record every attempt to 100% film the attempt that will be the new record.

Imagine Dragons – Demons

I played this song again in order to relax my right hand more and play loudly. When playing like this another issue occurs – I just miss the E string while doing snares.


Not much practice today, but it’s a start of the week, so there are more days ahead to implement something new.

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