Day 10. Strumming

1234 on the 5th fret

I continued progressing in speed. At start I tried to set the metronome at 160 bpm and it worked out.

Then after other routines I felt like I could do it faster, so I set the metronome to 180 bpm and got a quite decent result.


I watched the strumming module and started to play given sheet one line at a time to figure it out.

Then I was ready to connect it all together and try to play and count at the same time. It was reeeeally tricky, especially at higher paces. Here are my attempts at 90 bpm:

And here is where things became hard to play – 120bpm. My first tries:

Then I practiced a bit off-camera and decided to record some more successful ones:

Fretboard knowledge

I practice it just a few times per day but still gradually get better 🙂 Today I managed to do it in 2:28 the first try (no notes played before).

And after several attempts here is my new record – 2:13.


It was a busy day, I have only like one and a half out in the morning to play the guitar and film it. My every day uploads keep me in great mental shape, I think. There is no reasons for me to skip my guitar practice. And I will do everything to keep it that way!

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