Week 66. Finally Finished It!

Hey guys!

I started Module 41 on the first week of December, and made a decision to practice improvisation at the pace of one mode per week. I won’t say that it was a mistake, but I’m really glad that it’s now over and next week I’ll move on to the next module ?

Other than that, I’ve been practicing modes shapes in 3rds this week. Got all of them at 120 bpm, next week I’ll either continue to increase the tempo or try to play them in 4ths instead.

And finally, the Hotel California solo. Not much to say here. I’ve been playing it trying to get to playing it consistently. And I kinda did it – this time it took me only 8 minutes to get the final take that’s in the video instead of 25+ min. But I won’t say that it got noticeably better. Some parts sound cleaner and others don’t, so a lot more practice needed to polish it to perfection.

Have a nice one!

P.S. Yep, today’s not Thursday indeed. Tomorrow I won’t be able to record and edit, so I decided to post one day prior this week ?

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