Week 60. Ionian… Again?

Hey guitar chefs!

So I decided to do one mode per week for my improv practice, and this week was completely on C Ionian. I would improvise for 10 minutes per day. First 5 minutes over the metronome in order not to get restricted by the backing track and then another 5 minutes over the backing track.

It’s not much, but that amount of time is bearable when it comes to listening back to the improv and cutting it down for my daily posts. If I play for 10-20 minutes, it takes nearly an hour or maybe even two to edit everything out, which is too much. So I went for quality over quantity ?

Next week – Dorian Mode!

As for the riffs, I focused on the vocal melodies instead of pure riffs and solos. The idea was to become better in improvising through learning and feeling these melodies. And I think it started working out slowly but surely. My improv is still very repetitive but sometimes I come up with something more unique. And I think that learning vocal melodies helped with that progress. So yes, I’ll continue learning these for sure ?

See you next week guitar chefs!

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