Week 57. At the ORIGINAL TEMPO

Hey guitar chefs!

This week I’ve had time only to practice Cliffs Of Dover. And I’ve been drilling it daily starting from 150 bpm and gradually going up to 180 bpm. So I decided to record it at each tempo I’ve gone through: 150, 160, 170, 180 bpm. And after doing so I thought: “Maybe it’s time to try to play the song at the original tempo?”. So I tried it and recorded the initial 5 minutes right away.

Surprisingly, it worked out, so for the next week I’ll be cleaning it up at that tempo. There’s still things I need to focus on more, like muting the D string more consistently and precisely, but I really like the result at this point. And it’s so much fun to play, even after pretty much the week of doing it over and over and over again for 10 minutes a day. Looking forward to what I’ll have achieved by the end of the next week.

I’ve added another 80-90 songs which I want to make a short covers of to my playlist, which is cool, because I’ve almost run out of them and had to quickly find some to learn straight away. Also, I try to learn the ones which sound easy by ear and only double check myself with the tabs if I can’t figure them out or the end result sounds wrong.

P.S. Trying to make my videos more dynamic and “more playing, less talking”, so this one is short. Hopefully it’ll be enjoyable to watch.

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