Week 52. Just Another One

Hey guitar chefs!

Well, it’s happened. Now I’m 52 weeks in the daily guitar practice. I’m not sure what to feel, because, as other chefs mentioned, when you do something on a daily basis, it becomes a habit, so after reaching another milestone you just continue without having any thoughts to celebrate 🙂

Thanks Brandon for creating this masterpiece of a program. I don’t even know who one needs to be in order to go through all modules in 52 weeks – that’s just impossible! And that’s a good thing – it shows that there’s a lot of stuff that’s to be learnt in the future weeks, months and possibly even years.

Thanks Caio for your constant feedback, which is always on point and helps out big time. Without it the experience would be completely different. And also Happy birthday! I devoted a part of the video to that 🙂

Thanks everyone for the support and comments on my videos. Michal, Michal, Rendez, Steven, Michael, John. It’s very nice and you’ve helped me a lot during this year.

I’m planning on recording the proper before/after video/testimonial in a few weeks after I have finally bought a new guitar. That’s just the regular type of weekly update. Enjoy watching!

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