Week 44. Chords and Riffs

Hey guitar chefs!

There’s a lot of stuff that’s happening right now and have been happening during this week. First and foremost – I finally finished figuring out every shape/voicing of each chord for every mode. At least for C major key, but other chords could be get just by moving the shapes around so I’ll leave it as it is now.

The second thing is that I decided to learn something by ear, record and post something daily. I chose the short format of Instagram Reels, TikTok and YouTube Shorts, so now I upload daily to each of these social networks. It’s interesting how the same videos get different results on these platforms.

Feel free to subscribe. I’ll try to maintain that pace and post riffs/melodies/solos daily:

So in today’s video there are my attempts of remembering modes characteristics and the chords of each mode as well as 7 riffs I’ve learnt this week. Enjoy!

The chords I’ve figured out:

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