Week 30. Mostly String Skipping

Hey everyone!

There are holidays now in Russia, so a few days were spent with the family, hence the lack of exercise. But anyway I got something to share.

Mostly I focused on Module 29 routines which are on string skipping. 1234 exercises were a challenge mostly for the left hand, especially the one with skipping 2 strings at once. The right hand is not that big issue since I kinda feel what and where I need to play with a pick when I’m pressing something with my left hand. So I managed to play the exercise with skipping 1 string at 150 bpm almost right away. The one with skipping 2 strings is at 120 bpm for now though.

The next one (The Right Hand Muted Exercise) which I called just “String skipping exercise” in the video looks so simple yet I had to decrease the speed a few times in order to play it semi-consistently for some time.

I really liked Celtic Exercise cause it’s really simple yet sounds pretty cool. Again, not much time was spent practicing it, but the clip I recorded is pretty okay.

Also I continued increasing speed of muted strumming for The Kids Aren’t Alright. Not very happy about the progress but still I have one so it’ll do. I increased the speed to 180 bpm, but my right hand still stutters every now and then.

The same thing goes with the solo. It’s really much easier to play now, so the original speed of 200 bpm was not very hard to reach. But I really need some speed increase in the double stop strumming part in order to play it right.

Also, I kinda want to record something for my YouTube channel and start doing it on a regular basis. This thought appears in my head sometimes, but such a thing would take some time and planning in order to be able to do it. Just sharing my thoughts… Hopefully, this will turn into something solid in a few days or weeks.

Take care! See you next week 😉

The goals for this week were:

  • [Done] The Kids Aren’t Alright solo at 200 bpm
  • Learn the next part of Crowd Chant
  • Muted strumming exercise at 185 bpm
  • [Done] Implement Module 29 routines

My goals for the next week:

  • Clean up The Kids Aren’t Alright solo at 200 bpm
  • Learn the next part of Crowd Chant
  • Muted strumming exercise at 190 bpm
  • 1234 exercise skipping 1 string at 150 bpm consistently
  • 1234 exercise skipping 2 strings at 130 bpm consistently
  • 16th notes string skipping exercise at 100 bpm
  • Celtic tune at 120 bpm

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