Week 26. Solos and fails

Guitar chefs!

This week I’ve been working mostly on Bending and Glissando solos trying to polish them. Well, the result is better than the last week, but I still need too much time to record a decent attempt. This lack of consistency is pissing me off.

Also I learned the solo from The Kids Aren’t Alright by The Offspring and played it at 80% speed. Still rough, especially the double stop bends, but I’ve been practicing it for 2-3 days now, so basically just started, so it’s okay.

On the top of that, I haven’t managed to record any perfect attempt since the roasting on the livestream, so I had to insert the same videos here. That’s unfortunate…

Next week I’m going snowboarding, so there will be only 2 days to practice. I won’t count that week and will record the video from Kirovsk mountains. It will be fun 🙂

The goals for this week were:

  • [Done] Clean up Bending Solo @ 90 bpm
  • [Done] Clean up Glissando Solo @ 108 bpm

My goals for the next week:

  • Clean up The Kids Aren’t Alright Solo
  • Module 28 Solo with the metronome
  • Have fun snowboarding 🙂

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