Week 24. Summary

This week I’ve been mostly working on the Pinch Harmonic Solo, trying to start playing it consistently and adding palm muting in order to get the sound similar to the original. It doesn’t really work, but I’ve managed to record an attempt which is pretty okay. It’s been three weeks now, so I’ll drop this solo as it is in order to start Module 27.

The other stuff was easier, so I’ve been practicing Chords Using Thumb and Santa Monica Intro as well. They sounded decent the last time, so now they are okay as well.

Next week – Bending solo. I listened to it and it’s really cool. Can’t wait to learn it!

I beat my record of interval ear training. Now it’s 138 of 140 correct guesses. Soooooo close to 100%… 🙂

Yeah, also my friend and I finally released the cover for Kids by MGMT. So if anyone haven’t seen it, you may do it here: https://vskolos.ru/covers/mgmt-kids-guitar-cover-with-seva/

The goals for this week were:

  • [Done] Clean up Pinch Harmonic Solo
  • [Done] Clean up Chords Using Thumb
  • [Done] Clean up Santa Monica Intro

My goals for the next week:

  • Bending Solo with the metronome

Practice time

Day 162 – 15 min
Day 163 – 15 min
Day 164 – 107 min
Day 165 – 25 min
Day 166 – 35 min
Day 167 – 39 min
Day 168 – 55 min
Total – 4 h 51 min


Module 26 – Pinch Harmonic Solo – 120 bpm


Module 26 – Chords Using Thumb – 130 bpm


Module 26 – Santa Monica Intro – 70 bpm

Ear training

Intervals – 14 intervals – 138 of 140 – 98.57%

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