Week 23. Summary

Well, that week had a lot of holidays and family stuff in it 🙂 So, unfortunately, I only had time to practice 4 of 7 days. Other 3 times I did only ear training. But anyway, let’s summarize what I’ve managed to do.

Still struggling with pinch harmonics. In order to get two takes which are in the video I had to record myself for 40 minutes straight. And these two attempts are not even perfect – just close to being perfect. So I’ll continue practicing this solo next week.

Playing that chord progression with the thumb was fun and almost not hard at all. Fun stuff, I’ll be playing it a few more days just ’cause it sounds pretty cool.

Fun fact – I haven’t heard the original Santa Monica Intro, just repeated what Brandon was playing in the video. So if it’s incorrect, my hands are clear 😀

The goals for this week were:

  • Clean Pinch Harmonic Solo at 120 bpm
  • [Done] Chords using thumb
  • [Done] Santa Monica Intro at the original speed

My goals for the next week:

  • Clean up Pinch Harmonic Solo
  • Clean up Chords Using Thumb
  • Clean up Santa Monica Intro

Practice time

Day 155 – 15 min
Day 156 – 15 min
Day 157 – 15 min
Day 158 – 60 min
Day 159 – 93 min
Day 160 – 46 min
Day 161 – 49 min
Total – 4 h 53 min


Module 26 – Pinch Harmonic Solo – 120 bpm


Module 26 – Chords Using Thumb – 130 bpm


Module 26 – Santa Monica Intro – 70 bpm

Ear training

Intervals – 14 intervals – 136 of 140 – 97.14%

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