Week 22. Summary

Well, this week I’ve been only practicing pinch harmonic solo. It took me in total 4 hours and 32 minutes playing only it. Despite that I’m not tired of it or something. It sounds cool and it’s fun to play this solo. I’m not very good at pinch harmonics though…

I can play all the pinch harmonics that are there one at a time or even in row. But when picking normally it’s much harder to implement them correctly. So I’ll be working on it next week as well.

Also I set myself a new record in ear training – 132 of 140 intervals. I’m so close to the perfect result, but it will take a lot of time still to be able to guess the intervals right away without any hesitation. I’m patient about it and will slowly but surely get there.

Next week I want to implement other routines from the module to diversify my exercises.

The goals for this week were:

  • [Done] Module 26 routines

My goals for the next week:

  • Clean Pinch Harmonic Solo at 120 bpm
  • Chords using thumb
  • Santa Monica Intro at the original speed

Practice time

Day 148 – 80 min
Day 149 – 35 min
Day 150 – 85 min
Day 151 – 60 min
Day 152 – 49 min
Day 153 – 43 min
Day 154 – 19 min
Total – 6 h 11 min


Module 26 – Pinch Harmonic Solo – 120 bpm

Ear training

Intervals – 14 intervals – 132 of 140 – 94.29%

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