Week 16. Summary

So, where should I start… What a crazy week! I decided to count how much time I’ve spent practicing and the result for this week is really mind blowing – 7 h 48 min ?

It’s a great pace and hopefully I’ll be able to maintain this excitement and desire to practice in the future. I’m still not done with the Module 19 routines though, which is even more surprising. Maybe I’m overdoing these exercises, by I want to play everything I need to decent before proceeding further.

Anyway, the scales are not much better, but still better, I think. Almost the whole week I sucked at them at this speed but suddenly today I’ve just felt that it’s the day for some dexterity and managed to record some decent attempts.

The CAGED goal transformed the very first day. I started using the metronome to control how fast can I make chord transitions. I’ve started with major chords at 60 bpm and then been adding other types of chords every day. So the goal became to play all of them for C, A, G, E, D chords at 60 bpm. Unfortunately I got to Minor 7th chords just today so I switched them every other beat instead of every one. But I’ll fix this the next week.

At the beginning of the week I was really upset about my Kids solo progress. I couldn’t beat the 160 bpm wall no matter how hard I tried. So I dropped this routine and told my friend that we’re gonna improvise in this part instead or play something else. But today I felt that I could give it a second chance and managed to play in at 165 bpm quite easily. Then I switched to 170 bpm and there were quite a few successful attempt so I’ll count it as an achieved goal and will continue to increase the speed in the following weeks.

Also I returned to 1234 combination and use it as a warm-up before anything else.

Next week I really want to finish Module 19 routines and finally proceed to the next module. The fun stuff is awaiting me in the following modules so I really want to get there as soon as possible. I really haven’t played almost anything but the routines to prioritize the course, but this module appeared to be quite heavy on exercises ?

The goals for this week were:

  • [Done] Scales as 16th notes at 90 bpm consistently
  • [Done] Kids by MGMT solo at 170 bpm consistently
  • [Done] CAGED shapes for each kind of chords in less than 1:20

My goals for the next week:

  • CAGED shapes at 60 bpm with clean sound
  • All of Me in D at 120 bpm
  • Autumn Leaves in Gm at 70 bpm
  • Kids by MGMT solo at 175 bpm consistently

Practice time

Day 106 – 48 min
Day 107 – 45 min
Day 108 – 10 min
Day 109 – 75 min
Day 110 – 78 min
Day 111 – 80 min
Day 112 – 132 min
Total – 7 h 48 min

1234 exercise

1234 on the 1-12 frets – 16th notes @ 90 bpm


Major scales – 1-12 frets – E string – 16th notes @ 90 bpm
Major scales – 1-12 frets – A string – 16th notes @ 90 bpm
Major scales – 1-12 frets – D string – 16th notes @ 90 bpm
Major scales – 1-12 frets – G string – 16th notes @ 90 bpm
Minor scales – 1-12 frets – E string – 16th notes @ 90 bpm
Minor scales – 1-12 frets – A string – 16th notes @ 90 bpm

CAGED system

CAGED – Major chords  60 bpm
CAGED – Minor chords – 60 bpm
CAGED – Major 7th chords – 60 bpm
CAGED – 7th chords – 60 bpm
CAGED – Minor 7th chords – 60 bpm (half pace)

Ear training

Intervals – 3-11 intervals – 275 of 300 – 91.67%
Minor 2nd, Major 2nd, Minor 3rd, Major 3rd, Perfect 4th, Tritone, Perfect 5th, Minor 6th, Major 6th, Minor 7th, Octave

Perfect pitch – 3-4 notes – 229 of 300 – 76.33%
A, C, D, E


MGMT – Kids [Solo] – 8th notes @ 160 bpm → 8th notes @ 170 bpm

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