Day 95. Solo breakthrough

Today I’ve repeated the same routines I did yesterday and found out where my issue with the 2nd bar of the solo was originated.

1234 exercise

4231 on the 5th fret

8th notes @ 150 bpm

4312 on the 5th fret

8th notes @ 150 bpm

4321 on the 5th fret

8th notes @ 150 bpm


Major scales

16th notes @ 90 bpm

Minor scales

16th notes @ 90 bpm

CAGED system

I’m getting better in remembering shapes and switching between them. Not too great though, still need to look up some of them before the recording.

Major chords

Minor chords

Major 7th chords

7th chords

Minor 7th chords

Ear training

I was on an almost perfect streak for the first 100 questions with only 5-6 mistakes. But as soon as Minor 3rd appeared all went south… Also I mixed up some buttons and increased the number of mistakes for Perfect 4th for instance. Need to be more focused to exclude things like this.


MGMT – Kids [Solo]

Today I made a breakthrough. The hardest bar for me was the second one and I thought that it was because of the bar itself. But it appeared that I just hadn’t used alternate picking for the whole bar and had to pick up or down multiple times in a row, which on the higher speeds is pretty much impossible. So I slowed down once again and trained myself to play everything correctly. This bar appeared quite easy so the progress will definitely follow 🙂


There was a long practice. Nearly 1.5 hours if I’m correct. And it was really fun. Although the next parts of the solo became worse, I’m still really happy with the 2nd bar. There are no more reasons for me to stop increasing the speed, and I’m looking forward to it.


4231 – 5th fret – 150 bpm – 8th notes – 2 min
4312 – 5th fret – 150 bpm – 8th notes – 2 min
4321 – 5th fret – 150 bpm – 8th notes – 2 min

Major scales – 1-12 frets – EADG strings – 90 bpm – 16th notes
Minor scales – 1-12 frets – EA strings – 90 bpm – 16th notes

CAGED  Major chords
CAGED  Minor chords
CAGED – Major 7th chords
CAGED – 7th chords
CAGED – Minor 7th chords

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