Day 5. G string and some chords

1234 on the 1-12 frets

I started my practice with the repetition of yesterday idea – 1234, almost whole neck, 240 bpm.

Fretboard knowledge

I practiced the EAD strings knowledge off-camera and the results are at the end of this post. Then the time has come to master the G string. After 20-30 tries I became pretty consistent in finding 12 notes in 30-35 seconds. It’s a bit longer than the previous ones, but I’ll get there in a few days I believe.

Am/E chords transition

I’m used to play these chords so I thought it would be fun to try and do this exercise at 240 bpm. But my wrist muscles started to feel like they will have cramps soon, so I reduced the speed to 180 bpm.

1234 on a single fret

I decided to increase the metronome speed. To maintain this speed for a long time I reduced the hand movement to one fret once again. It’s 270 bpm now.


I’m glad that the G string knowledge is now quite decent. Looking forward to master the B string and move forward through the course.

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