Day 48. Practicing scales

Today I continued working on 1234s consistency at the goal speed and practicing the scales.

1234 exercise

Trying to reduce the amount of mistakes I make during exercising with these combinations.

2134 on the 5th fret

8th notes @ 150 bpm.

2143 on the 5th fret

8th notes @ 150 bpm.

2314 on the 5th fret

8th notes @ 150 bpm. Still can’t wrap my head around this one. By brain just refuses to control the fingers the way they should work in order to play everything correctly. Hopefully I’ll be able to record something semi-decent on this routine to finish this week’s goal.

34 on the 5th fret

Quarter notes @ 90 bpm. Struggling, but it’s kinda becoming better. Still can’t play the same way without my middle finger on the string – it starts flying off as soon as I try to release it.

12-13-14-23-24-34 on the 5th fret

8th notes @ 150 bpm. Will reduce the speed tomorrow. Some of the combinations are trickier to play consistently.


Didn’t have time to practice note pronunciation today as well as my voice is not great today cause I’m kinda sick. Will do it tomorrow. Also I didn’t record a video per string – it’s really not that necessary. Instead I have one for all major scales and one for all minor ones.

Major scales

8th notes @ 110 bpm.

Minor scales

8th notes @ 110 bpm.

Ear training

Also I practiced intervals at Started from easy level and was identifying them for a few dozens on minutes. These are the results:


I’m excited about scales. It finally started to feel music theory related, which is why I’m mainly in the course. Still got to get used to the circle of fifths in order to become better and faster in notes naming and remember how many flats or sharps are in a key. Tomorrow is the last day of Week 7. The weekly report should be pretty good. Still need to do something with my running nose though.

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