Day 45. Picking up some riffs

Today I finally got time to practice something from Module 13 and continued increasing the speed of 1234s.

Also the main goal for today was to start playing without looking at the fretboard all the time. So I played everything looking away from it.

1234 exercise

2134 on the 5th fret

8th notes at 130 bpm.

2143 on the 5th fret

8th notes at 130 bpm.

2314 on the 5th fret

8th notes at 130 bpm.

1234, 1243, 1324, 1342, 1423, 1432 on the 5th fret

8th notes at 150 bpm. I wanted to see if I’m able to play all these without watching.

12-13-14-23-24-34 on the 5th fret

8th notes at 130 bpm.

Fretboard knowledge

It’s funny how even sloppy attempts manage to end in 1:40. There was no try above that mark. And I’m really close to the goal – my best time is 1:32. Not sure if I got it before but it’s surely the best one.

Ear training

I managed to pick up notes for Crazy Train, Sunshine of Your Love, The Final Countdown riffs. The notes were pretty much perfect but my positioning and choosing the fret and strings to play them were not always the best ones possible. So I looked up all of them to make sure I was playing them right.

I also picked up Do I Wanna Know riff by ear but haven’t recorded it.


Tomorrow I’ll start Module 14. It’s time to finally move on and add some routines to my practice. Also I’m really glad there was this picking up by ear thing. Finally some songs, which is so much fun 🙂

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