Day 33. Recording preparations

Today I practiced When I Come Around with the solo played the right way, continued to maintain consistency at 1234s and set up the drums part for the recording.

Pressure control

Now I use this exercise as a kind of warmup. 300 bpm speed is not needed for the finger relaxation so I dropped it down to 240 bpm again.

1234 exercise

Not much excited for 1234s today. Played at the same speed as yesterday without any noticeable progress. And I tried to look away from the fretboard to be able to play without watching my left hand.

1432 on the 5th fret

300 bpm. Still having problems with the pinky.

1423 on the 5th fret

That one was better. 300 bpm.

1342 on the 5th fret

300 bpm.

1324 on the 5th fret

300 bpm.

1243 on the 5th fret

300 bpm. Still the hardest one to play consistently.

1234 on the 1-12 frets

340 bpm again. Not sure if it’s better than it was yesterday.

When I Come Around

Now the same verse-solo-chorus transition but with the correct solo part.

I couldn’t find the correct bpm value for the song. Seems like it was recorded without the clicking track. So I started to recreate it from scratch. There will be drum and voice parts added with the computer and two guitars with the bass recorded. Today I recorded both guitars and made a drum part. Also I started creating the voice line using synth.


I didn’t have much desire to play bass today. Need to get into it tomorrow in order to play the whole song by the end of the week.

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