Day 31. The last 1*** combination

Today I practiced When I Come Around a bit more and added 1432 – the last of the remaining finger combinations which are started with the index finger.

Pressure control

I started with a few minutes of pressure control. Not sure if I need to increase the speed but I did it anyway – practiced at 300 bpm. It’s hard to figure out if it starts working out and change something in the way I play, but we’ll see about that.

1234 exercise

Just practicing usual and new combinations and trying to implement pressure control.

1423 on the 5th fret

I needed to get this combination to 300 bpm so I started at it right away. It was sloppy but for the first try it went ok I suppose.

1432 on the 5th fret

It was time to add this combination – the final one before practicing these 6 at the whole fretboard. So I started at 220 bpm. My ring finger stood in the way of the middle one, so there were many half-dead notes played here and there. Need more practice. Also there was left hand pain, which is another sign of practice lacking.

1324 on the 5th fret

Trying to play it more softly left hand wise. It’s one of the easiest combinations yet so I had no problems at all. 300 bpm.

1342 on the 5th fret

In comparison to the previous one this one is a little harder for me so there was some flaws, but still it was pretty decent.

1243 on the 5th fret

Harder. Combination. Yet. Still can’t play it without left hand pain, will practice pressure control more. Also I definitely need to practice ring-pinky separate movement because now they aren’t move independently from each other and it creates some dead notes.

1234 on the 1-12 frets

After yesterday’s perfect 1234 at 320 bpm I decided to increase the speed to 340 bpm. It went almost well.

When I Come Around

This time I decided to record something from my practice of this song. I really want to did a full cover of it, so today I focused on verse-solo-chorus transitions to make them consistent and get rid of mistakes.

Also I practiced the bass part but my phone ran out of memory again to film it as well.


I really wanted to sleep the whole day, so when I came home in the evening I had a thought to maybe skip a day of practicing. I’m glad that I found the strength to do it today as well. One skip leads to another one so it’s much better to be fully consistent. It’s been a month now so this routine should have become a habit. I want to maintain it as it is 🙂

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