Day 3. Mastering EAD strings

Fretboard knowledge

I started with repeating the E and A strings results to confirm them. Then moved to the D string.

The D string was kind of tricky one, so I spend 30 tries to master it. Most of them are in videos this time.

In the end I decided to return to E and A strings to practice them a few times again.

1234 on a single fret

I started at 300 bpm but gradually decreased the metronome to 200 bpm as I started to be tired and my fingers slipped the strings a few times.


3 string mastered, 3 more to go (actually 2, E and e strings are pretty much the same).

I’ll practice 1234 on 240 bpm for a few more days to become consistent. Then I’m going to increase the speed. My closest goal – 5 min at 300 bpm without mistakes.

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