Day 23. When I Come Around

I watched module 8 and there was that routine – to play When I Come Around power chord progression. I couldn’t resist and decided to make the complete lead guitar cover of this song.

So here is how it worked out.

And that’s the same version but without effects or amplifier itself.

Fun part completed, let’s get back to practice 🙂

1234 on the 1-12 frets

Today was a messy day 1234 wise. I messed up a lot, but routine is routine, so here it is at 320 bpm again.

1234 of the 5th fret


I repeated this combination at 300 bpm again. Again after 1:30 my fingers stopped behaving as they should but to that point everything went pretty well.


Today the metronome was set to 260 bpm and it went very smooth. Already look forward to get it to 300 bpm in 2 days.

Chord transitions

I decided to practice at 120 bpm max. There is no really any need to go above this speed for such a long time, so I better focus on my precision here.

C/D transition

Did it at 120 bpm.

A/E transition

120 bpm here as well.

G/D transition

Again, 120 bpm.

B7/E transition

Increased to 90 bpm today. Definitely need to practice at that speed more.

B7/C transition

The same thing with the speed in this transition – 90 bpm for now, mistakes were made.

Am G/B C G/B transition

I don’t know why, but my brain refused to remember either Am or C was just played, so I ended up repeating C G/B C or Am G/B Am for a few times during the video. I started with 60 bpm.

Em D/F# G D/F# transition

I tried two variations of D/F# fingering. When I was using my thumb to play the F# on the E string, I nailed the 60 bpm transitions completely, as I’d been using my thumb to mute that string for a long time and there’s not anything unusual. Then I tried to play F# with my index finger and everything went really south. After some attempts and practice I managed to kind of play this variation at 40 bpm. Not sure if it’s necessary to train it instead of just using the variation I’m comfortable with.


Module 6 pattern

I started at the same 140 bpm I played yesterday.

Then I increased the speed to 160 bpm and it was not hard too. I think that’s the fastest speed I will ever need to play it with so I’ll stop practicing it for now.

Module 7 pattern

Somehow my brain completely forgot how to play it and I basically had to start over and train myself to do it again. After 5-10 minutes off-camera I still wasn’t able to play it even at the same 70 bpm I played it yesterday. But then during the recordings I kind of pulled this off.

After that there was not much hustle to do the same at 80 bpm, so here it is.


First cover (a messy one, but still) in years done! I’m looking forward to learn the bass part as well and play the song completely. Preferably I will need the drum part. Still don’t know how to download them and is there any way to import the drums into Garage Band.

I decided to practice all the 1234 combinations that got to 300 bpm for 2 minutes instead of 5 just to be able to focus on the new ones more. I’ll do it starting from tomorrow.

My daily routine becomes really time consuming so I need to finish the simple chord transitions routines to free some time. Also I didn’t have time for fretboard knowledge practice today. Absolutely need to include this one in my schedule tomorrow.

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