Day 141. I’m no Superman

Today I kinda finished Module 23, because I really know how to play and sing at the same time. Also I’m not a fan of Hey Jude and Beatles at all, so I decided to play a song I know and like better – Superman by Lazlo Bane.

After recording the song I watched through Module 24, so tomorrow I’ll start its routines.

In the ear training I now practice 140 intervals per day in order to get 10 of each. Somehow the distribution is not completely uniform so I got one interval with 9 tries and one with 11.

Also I decided to count practice time not by the video length, because some things like pre-practice remains off-camera and I need to count the time I spend doing it as well.

Practice time55 min


Lazlo Bane – Superman

81 bpm

Ear training

14 intervals

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